Fears of a potential sugar crisis, wholesale grocers ask to stop sending from borders.


KARACHI -- Karachi Wholesalers Association (KWGA), has asked to stop delivery from borders and expressed concerns over fears of a potential sugar crisis.

In a statement Anis Majeed, patron in chief, Malik Zulfiqar Ali, chairman KWGA, suggested that sugar delivery should not be made at all outside the country and the government should take effective measures to prevent the delivery of sugar to Afghanistan, including the border, while preventing speculation could improve the situation.

KWGA leaders, informing the government of the possible causes of the sugar crisis, said that this year, sugar production will be less than 1.5 million tones less than last year and sugar production in the country is expected to be between 50 and 55 million tons, while consumption is also between 50 and 55 million tones.

Thus, if sugar...

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