Fearless criminals.

STREET crimes in Karachi are not a new phenomenon. What is new and alarming is the spike in such incidents over the past few months. Also new is the fearless brutality with which the street criminals are operating in the city, taking lives in broad daylight and fleeing the scene firing aerial shots.

The criminals pounce on their prey without any fear as they know no one would catch them. And nobody actually does. Those caught by the police are released within days. One wonders why and how.

A few months ago, there were a few incidents in the city where those present on the crime scene retaliated, grabbed a few culprits and dispensed mob justice on the spot. That seems to have alerted the criminals, and they take no chances, killing people at the slightest of resistance. In fact, mere hesitation in handing over the valuables is enough for them to pull the trigger. There have been occasions when even a show of displeasure resulted in death.


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