Fear of student politics.



Worryingly, our society is lacking alternative, progressive, and right based political unions. It is due to the dominancy of power-elite and their control over media and public institutions. Tiny effort from the middle class and suppressed strata of society is perceived deviation from traditional ideology.

Thus, gross root level politics and leadership has withered away entirely. However, recent students solidarity march in nook and corner of the country after Faiz Ahmed Faiz Festival has got much currency in country. After that march, several assumptions were made regarding student march. Unevidently, power-elite connected it with foreign agenda and perceive it against prevailing state narrative. Moreover, they ignore this reality of politically sound and aware youth, stating it is determinant to education and future of the youth of country. But, hope never die, youth of Pakistan, especially students from various educational institution have come forward to establish alternative, progressive and gross root level political unions.

Rightly speaking, power-elite of the country is not in favor of any right based unions, including student, trade, labor, farmer, etc. because these are contrary to their whims and wishes. They are not in position to share power...

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