FDE working on strategy to address students' academic loss.

ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has decided to devise a two-stage approach to address the academic loss of students from 423 schools and colleges of Islamabad stating institutions may take a few years to manage the accrued damage to learning.

In response to a letter of Federal Education Ministry, the FDE on Wednesday stated that educational institutes, both public and private, suffered huge losses due to closure of schools during the pandemic.

It is imperative that FDE helps schools devise a strategy to counter academic losses, as it may take a few years to manage the accrued damage to learning, the FDE letter stated, adding syllabus has already been reduced while summer vacation this year has been reduced to one month.

'Majority of children enrolled in the public sector schools are from the lower income strata and more vulnerable to shocks than their counterparts in private schools. A two stage approach needs to be devised. A short term approach to support children appearing for exams, especially board exams in August 2021 and a long term approach for the next two-three years to help children overcome the learning losses accrued due to shortened academic preparation in schools,' read the letter.

Explaining its short term approach, the FDE stated that for the academic year 2020-21, schools are directed to identify at-risk children through classroom observation and assessment, especially in subjects that require a conceptual continuity.

It suggested that a zero period in the morning or after school ends should be identified for children who need extra support or alternatively a time...

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