Fazl predicts current govt to go home in a month.


MULTAN -- Chief of JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman anticipated on Friday that the current government will go in one month, saying the masses would have to wait for one more month for getting rid of this illegitimate government.

Addressing a news conference here at Jamia Qasimul Uloom, Fazl said that a change would take place in light of law and constitution in one month. He claimed that the shift in the language of Q-League, Akhtar Mengal and other allies of the government is a clear indication of this fact. He said that they did not demand in house change rather they demanded new election. He said that the law approved by this illegitimate assembly regarding extension in Army Chief's service would also be illegitimate. He said that the issue of Army Chief's extension is very sensitive and they could not allow this fake assembly to do legislation on it. He declared that an extension given through an illegitimate law would also be considered illegitimate. 'We don't want that the head of a big national institution becomes controversial,' he stressed. He said that still six months were remaining and new elections could be held followed by legislation by the new assembly.

He said that the Azadi March broke political status quo in the country. He said that the impression that no one could jolt the government also proved wrong and now all opposition parties were united on demand regarding resignation of fake Prime Minister. 'We have no other demand except for the new and transparent elections,' he declared. He said that those declaring current situation as economic stability were making fun of the nation.

Referring to CPEC, he said that the USA threatened Pakistan on this project. 'Pakistan is a sovereign country and the USA is no one to raise finger towards...

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