Farmers advised to beat drum as locusts start moving to coastal areas.


MULTAN -- :Director General, Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pesticides (PWQCP), Punjab, Zafaryab Haidar Monday urged the farmers to beat drums, metal boxes or use fire crackers to scare the locusts away as the crop killer insect started moving to coastal areas. He expressed observations while talking to farmers during his visits to crop areas in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur districts to assess the on-going surveillance exercise targeting locusts whose swarms can devour crops. Zafaryab visited crop fields of sugarcane, cotton, maize, onion and other crops in Jampur, Kot Chutta, Muhammadpur and DG Khan.

Talking to the farmers, he said the crop killer insect was now moving back to coastal areas, adding that they spent night in trees, bushes or crops. He said that winds that blew from south to north had diverted locusts from Rajisthan to Cholistan but now they were moving towards coastal areas of Balochistan. He said that locusts had so far caused no harm to...

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