Famous writer fiction 12th death anniversary tomorrow.

ISLAMABAD -- Shaukat Siddiqui 12th death anniversary will be observed on December 18 ,he was a Pakistani writer of fiction who wrote in Urdu language is best known for his novels Khuda Ki Basti (God's Village) and Jangloos.

Siddiqi's first short story, 'Kaun Kisi Ka', appeared in Weekly Khayyam in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1952, his first collection of short stories, Teesra Admi, was brought out and proved to be a great success. Subsequently, other collections of short stories followed: Andhere Dur Andhere (1955), Raaton Ka Shehar (1956) and Keemya Gar (1984).

His magnum opus is Khuda Ki Basti (God's Village), which has appeared in 50 editions and has been translated into 26 languages. It has been dramatised time and again.Its English translation was by David Mathews of London University.

The novels Kamin Gah (1956), Jangloos (in three volumes, 1988), and Char Deewari (1990) are fictionalized accounts of his childhood in Lucknow, India.

He died on 18 December 2006 of cardiac arrest in Karachi at the age of 83, leaving behind a wife, two sons and three daughters.

Shaukat Siddiqui was known to use the technique of socialist realism in his writings and did not leave his characters in the quagmire of apathy and inaction. But, instead, tried to suggest to them to assert themselves and change their own destiny. He portrayed the life of a section of Karachi's poor very successfully in his writings. Siddiqui's commitment to the truth and his faith in the...

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