Famous Urdu writer, poet, critic Wazir Agha remembered.

ISLAMABAD -- Renowned Urdu language writer, poet, critic and essayist Dr Wazir Agha was remembered on the occasion of his birth anniversary on Thursday. He had written many poetry and prose books.He was also editor and publisher of the literary magazine "Auraq" for many decades. He introduced many theories in Urdu literature. His most famous work is on Urdu humour. His books focus on modern Urdu poets, notably those who have written more poems instead of ghazals. Agha's poems have mostly an element of story.


Agha was born on May 18, 1922 in the village Wazir Kot in the Sargodha district.

During his school years, he developed a strong fondness for Urdu ghazals and started composing poetry on his own. He graduated from Government College, Jhang and later received his master's degree in economics from Government College, Lahore. He did his PhD from the University of Punjab...

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