Falling standards of C.S.S.


Byline: Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

Indian Civil service is the Prime Institution from which the idea of Central Superior Services has been derived and adopted to bequeath the country an intelligent, devoted, dedicated, sincere, patriotic chain of civil servants, having unprecedented characteristics to deliver to the nation. In the early days of the Federal Public Service Commission some renowned Ex-Generals such as General Attiq-ur-Rehman and other talented and honest persons were appointed as Chairman of FPSC and same was the case in PPSC. Talented and God-gifted candidates were selected for different key posts and as they grew up to the executive and decision making positions they served the country in a memorable and dedicated way. The foregoing scenario continued not for long. With the start of second generation moral and ethical values gone to oblivion and the concept of speedy progress to over-lap the society and attain fabulous wealth - in fair or foul way: grew up vehemently. Some disgruntled segments of society, shorn of religious values and ethical norms, having the incessant lust for wealth and power came to the front and they, with nefarious designs, adopted stigmatic tactics to let the intelligent and meritorious candidates lag behind and to further their condemned motives the higher echelon of FPSC and PPSC made cordial handshake with them and resultantly under-merited persons were selected to decide the nation's destination. Undeserving clique coming to top positions made their foothold stronger and supported their off springs to step in their positions. Today the third generation of the same unmerited clique has made their stranglehold more clinching on the throat of the country and sapping the blood of the nation in a desperate bid to make the economy of the nation more and more weaker. It is due to their maligned efforts that: despite being a nuclear nation: we are still standing sprawling our bowl to get some coins from the affluent nations and IMF, World Bank, ADB and other world institutions, to run the state affairs. It is astonishing to believe that Pakistan has meager...

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