Faithfuls throng fruit 'chaat' stalls to enjoy iftars during Ramzan.

ISLAMABAD -- The fasting people thronged to Fruit 'chaat' stalls established alongside different roads and markets in the federal capital as the mouthwatering delicacy was the highest in demand among the citizens for iftar.

Fruit 'chaat' a mixture of all seasonal fruits like apple, banana, dates, strawberry, kiwi, melon with citric flavor of orange and lemon not only gives sumptuous taste and instant energy after a day-long fast, but a great business to convention and seasonal sellers in Ramzan.

During Ramzan many people used to sell chaat part time to earn some extra money through the lucrative business, said Saqib Habib, a seasonal fruit 'chaat' seller in sector I-8.

Talking to reporter on Saturday, Saqib who was also a taxi driver said he sell homemade fruit chaat outside his flat as great number of people always ready to buy it during the holy month.

'Selling fruit chaat in Ramzan is a very profitable business as it does not...

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