Extension controversy.


Byline: GULL ZAMAN - Peshawar

The graveyards of world are proof if any is needed that nobody is indispensable. Even during two World Wars, British Army commanders were relieved of their command at end of tenures and PM would select his replacement keeping seniority in consideration. We have seen that there are limits (Two Tenures) even on number of tenures of elected constitutional public office holders like PM or President in developed democracies.

The Father of Nation Quaid-e-Azam in his address to Staff College Quetta in 1948 elaborated on role of paid civil and uniformed servants of state. Earlier on 11 August 1947 while addressing First Constituent Assembly, MAJ emphasized importance of finalizing constitution on which a modern democratic welfare state was to be built. Unfortunately, his vision and advice was not followed with disastrous consequences for this country. Pakistan remained a dominion of British Raj till 1956 because of this deliberate delay in approving constitution.

This concept of an individual being indispensable...

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