Experts group finally suggests home isolation for some patients.


Byline: Asif Chaudhry

LAHORE -- The Punjab Corona Experts Advisory Group (CEAG) has recommended home isolation for certain confirmed patients of coronavirus, fearing that in the coming days the province may run short of government hospitals due to a rise in the number of Covid-19 patients.

The experts maintained that people with both mild and severe symptoms of the virus were flooding government sector hospitals and quarantine centres in Punjab. The burden on health facilities would not only risk the lives of health professionals, but also create a new health crisis.

'In order to combat any future shortage of hospitals and staff, we will have to enforce home isolation policy in Punjab on emergency basis,' co-convener of CEAG, Prof Mahmood Shaukat, told Dawn.

He said the CEAG had sent its recommendations to the Punjab government through the health department for final consideration.

'We are asking the health authorities from day one to go for home isolation of Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms or those who can afford to stay at home,' said Dr Shaukat, who is also a former vice chancellor of the University of Health Sciences.

CEAG has sent recommendations to CM for consideration

He said the virus was spreading fast and hospitals and quarantine centres were running out of space due to increasing number of patients.

'We are not recommending home isolation for those living in one- or two-room houses with limited facilities of washroom for all members of the family,' he further said.

The recent surge in confirmed cases also raised alarms, as Punjab reported 2,121 new cases of Covid-19 in the last seven days. This number was approximately 50 per cent more than that reported between April 20 and 27, which was 1,141.

The health department also endorsed the opinion, saying the number of patients was increasing enormously.

'We add about 500 new...

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