Experts for integrated approach to steer burden of malnutrition.


KARACHI -- Speakers taking exception to the variety and intensity of nutrition challenges faced by the people of country here on Thursday sought integrated approach to handle the same on strong lines and long term basis.

Addressing a plenary session of the International Conference on Nutrition and Early Human Development organized by Aga Khan University they opined that the situation has severely compromised the country's ability to achieve its potential.

Pakistan is faced with a triple burden of malnutrition with large segments of its population suffering from under nutrition, obesity and a lack of critical micro-nutrient, said Prof. Zulfiqar Bhutta, principal investigator of Pakistan's 2018 National Nutrition Survey.

The researcher also the founding director of AKU's Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health highlighting the latest trends in country's nutrition indicators reiterated for an integrated approach to counter their consequences on the country's development.

This, he said must encompass girl empowerment coupled with measures to control food price, planned growth of population, planned urbanization efficient and translation of efficient policies into adequate implementation so as to bring about thedesired changes.

Elaborating his suggestion, the senior pediatrician referred to concurrence of stunting and wasting among local children and the nutritional status of their mothers which is further compromised due to repeated pregnancies...

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