Expert stresses for active lifestyle to reduce risk of dementia among elderly population.

ISLAMABAD -- Health expert on Saturday stressed for active lifestyle, training healthcare staff and public awareness through media platforms to reduce the risk of dementia, which is a major non-communicable disease among the elderly population globally including Pakistan.

While talking to the PTV news channel, a senior neurologist, Dr Husnain Hashim said that there was a lack of understanding about dementia within the community hence it is diagnosed at a very late stage.

"We need to conduct more research on dementia to identify factors leading to a rising burden of dementia in the country and facilitate effective treatment,' he added.

Hashim called for a concerted effort by all stakeholders, including family, society, private sectors, and the government to support old-age healthcare for reducing the burden of dementia in the country.

He further explained that dementia was a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities.

The specialist regretted that taking care of dementia patients was still...

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