The Chawkandi Art gallery recently paid homage to one of their own and one of the art world's most respected artists and educators, Rabia Zuberi, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 81. Her printmaking students paid tribute to their teacher and based their artwork on some of the artist's most well-known works. They focused on the motto set by Zuberi for her art school: Love, peace, tolerance, balance.

Zuberi, sometimes referred to as 'Pakistan's first woman sculptor', studied sculpture in the 1960s at the Lucknow School of Art in India. Sometime in 1963 or 1964, Zuberi and her sister Hajra migrated to Pakistan to join their parents. She set up an informal art school out of her home, which later became the popular diploma-awarding Karachi School of Arts. Since moving to Pakistan, and until 2015, Rabia Zuberi produced many series of works that focused on stylised and semi-abstract anatomical forms.

The curator Romila Kareem's If only they could shower us with flowers (2022) - unique print, collograph, chine-colle - is with silhouettes of fighter jets set against a blue sky, each jet carrying a red flower in its bosom. As a clear anti-war narrative, it is one of the pieces that decidedly stands out and really does come across as perfectly in line with Zuberi's motto of love, peace, tolerance, balance.

Another stunning work of art is Hyunju Kim's Rain (2022). As an artist who predominantly creates through etching and drawing, Kim is said to prefer exploring the unspeakable, the abstract, the mysterious, the unconscious, the ethereal and the spiritual. In Rain, she shows a group of people with differing heights and sizes, emerging from a field of leaves and flowers, each of their mouths stuffed with flowers. They are silent, yet beautiful. And perfectly at peace.

An exhibition by a group of printmakers pays...

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