It's not very often that you get the opportunity to see, up-close and in-person, how one generation of a family pays tribute to the works of an older generation. In 'Ode to my father Jamil Naqsh', accomplished artist in her own right Mona Naqsh pays tribute to the memory of a man who not only begot her but also mentored her, and is one of Pakistan's greatest artists. It's an emotional display of vividly detailed works that display a daughter's love for her father.

Mona's work has a strong Jamil Naqsh-influence but she approaches each of the artworks with her own distinct style, merging both her father's and her approaches to art.

According to the curator of the exhibition, Pomme Amina Shahbaz, 'The intensity of observation was something that Mona's father had instilled in her from a young age. He was a mentor in honing her painting techniques and all of Mona's formal training was accomplished under his tutelage.

'The objects in her paintings portray the contrast between 'real' and 'unreal', fragile and strong, organic and artificial,' she continues. 'Mona's work has a certain synerg that transcends in her painting with moods and shades of light signifying different times of the day. The ingenious use of newsprint in black and white juxtaposed with colour and translucent patterns creates a strong background visual.'

Mona Naqsh's new exhibit pays tribute to the artist who influenced her the most

And it shows. Both her father's influence and her own individuality shines through her work.

About the work selected for her exhibition, Mona states, 'Nature is full of surprises. In this secret world, everything is neatly arranged and interconnected. Every entity held in a delicate balance. If we shed more light on [this] relationship and [on the] intricate network, we reveal fascinating facts about [its] purpose, place and function. My current work depicts these relationships and the conversation with mankind as we are one of Nature's employees. As Marc Chagall said: 'I see God in every flower'.'

The exhibition itself has been divided into two distinct sections: incredibly detailed sketches and oil paintings.

About the sketches, Mona says, '[These] have been created in the profound memory of my dear father, Jamil Naqsh. Through...

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