Ex-MNA Yaqoob Sheikh leaves embattled party's camp.

Former MNA Yaqoob Sheikh on Friday bid farewell to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) following the events that transpired on May 9.

In a video message from abroad, Mr Sheikh said, "I strongly condemn the May 9 riots. The army is our red line."

Mr Sheikh was elected MNA after defeating the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman in NA-39 Dera Ismail Khan.

On Thursday, Rafaqat Gillani was the latest defector to bid farewell to the embattled party.

Addressing a press conference, Mr Gillani condemned the May 9 vandalism, adding that he was deeply saddened by the attacks on military installations.

"It is not to my knowledge that the May 9 vandalism was planned. No leniency should be shown to those responsible for the May 9 violence," he added.

"I have never done politics with violence and am not willing to do it. I am returning back the ticket to the embattled party. There is no pressure to leave the party. It will be the people of my constituency who decide my political future," he maintained.

On Tuesday, former Punjab Minister for higher education Raja Yasir Humayun decided to quit politics. In a video statement, Mr Humayun condemned the events that took place on May 9 following the arrest of former prime minister.

Mr Humayun wanted no leniency for those who attacked the military installations and public buildings.

On Monday, former MPA Jamil Ahmed decided to quit the embattled party.

In a statement, Mr Ahmed said, "I served in the army for 13 years as a captain. Currently, my son is serving in the army as a lieutenant".

Speaking about the May 9 vandalism, Mr Ahmed said, "I am deeply saddened by what happened on May 9. Those who attacked military installations must be brought to justice."

On the other side, leaders from Faisalabad decided to bid farewell to the embattled party yesterday. Addressing the press conference along with Chaudhry Ali Akhtar and Ehtisham Javed, former MPA Shakeel Shahid said, "Today we have decided to part ways with the PTI". Condemning the 9/5 riots, Mr. Shahid said, "It has become difficult to be in the party after the events that took place on May 9".

Meanwhile, Mr Akhtar also condemned the May 9 violence, reiterating his resignation from the party.

On the other hand, describing May 9 as the "darkest" day in history, Mr Javed said, "I condemn the vandalism on May 9. We stand with the army and the country."

Moreover, PTI leader Irshad Khan also decided to leave the party following the events...

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