Evidence in PML-N leader case to be submitted at right time: ANF.


ISLAMABAD -- Chief Prosecutor of the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Raja Inam Ameen on Wednesday rejected an impression of not possessing any evidence against the PML-N Punjab leader and member of the National Assembly Rana Sana Ullah and said that they are in possession of the evidence and would submit it at the right time in the court.

'The entire episode is based on some misunderstanding and some evidence in the case is already submitted with the courts,' he said while addressing a presser today along with other officials.

Divulging the details of process followed in the case, he said that an FIR against Rana Sanaullah was registered on 01 July 2019. 'A challan was submitted in the case without a delay on 23 July along with reports pertaining to statements of the witnesses, recovered material and its chemical examination,' he said.

The chief prosecutor said that they have submitted all evidences in the court and it is now upto the accused to prove his innocence.

'An impression of delay is being given in the...

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