Everyone knows 'neutrals' were not actually neutral during 'regime change conspiracy': Mazari.

ISLAMABAD -- PTI leader and former human rights minister Shireen Mazari on Friday said that "now everyone knows the neutrals were not actually neutral," and went on to question whether they were "part of the conspiracy to derail Pakistan on the economic and democratic front".

The word neutral is a reference to the military, which has consistently claimed it is neutral as the country goes through political upheaval since the filing of the no-confidence motion against former premier Imran Khan on March 8.

In a press conference in Islamabad today, Mazari minced no words in her criticism of America and "those who supported it" to allegedly topple the PTI government.

Her presser came after a tweet by former PM Imran Khan earlier in the day in which he claimed that he and former finance minister Shaukat Tarin had warned the "neutrals" that the "fragile economic recovery would go into a tailspin" if the conspiracy against the PTI government succeeded.

In her press talk, Mazari said the neutrality of "neutrals" was now largely being questioned.

"The group of thieves and crime minister who are now in power had an agenda to quash all cases against them. But what were the neutrals thinking when they allowed such a conspiracy to succeed?" she asked.

She said that a cypher was received on March 7 and the no-confidence motion was tabled a day after it. "Later, our allies approached the Sindh House and opposition leaders, while one minority dissident lawmaker was living in a rest house belonging to neutrals."

Mazari asked how one could stay neutral when the country...

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