Everest's vanishing snow.

Mount Everest, the majestic peak that has captivated adventurers and climbers for generations, is facing an unprecedented crisis. In recent years, mountaineers and experts alike have been giving warnings about the alarming rate at which the snow on Everest is disappearing. This disturbing trend not only poses a threat to the unique ecosystem of the Himalayas but also serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for global climate action.

Seasoned climbers, who have witnessed the changes firsthand, are expressing deep concern over the diminishing snow cover on Everest. The mountain, once known for its breathtaking white expanse, now reveals vast patches of bare rock and ice. The decline in snow is not merely an aesthetic issue; it has far-reaching consequences for the delicate ecological balance of the region and the millions of people who depend on the Himalayan watershed. The loss of snow on Everest is a clear manifestation of the gripping climate crisis. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, disrupting water sources for communities downstream and...

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