Evacuations Ordered As Several Sindh Cities Face New Flood Threat.

Evacuations were ordered as several Sindh cities including Badin and Juhi faced with new flood threat on Sunday.

The destruction caused by floods persisted in Sindh as several cities are reeling from fresh threat of flood while many are still inundated.

A massive torrent of about 600,000 cusecs of floodwater from Indus River has been passing through Mud Mangi near Nawabshah for the past 24 hours.

After 25 hours, the water level has started to decrease.

However, the administration is on high alert and the river embankments are being monitored.

The swollen Manchhar Lake also sent flood warnings to many cities including with Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro Fareed Uddin issued an order to evacuate the area.

According to the official directive, the banks of Manchar Lake were likely to burst any time, so people were requested to leave.

'There is pressure on the dam of Manchar Lake from RD 54 to RD 58 and the water level in the lake started to rise.

The situation in Manchar Lake has reached an extremely dangerous level due to high level of water,' it added.

The people have been requested to evacuate as soon as possible and take safety measures. The house of Sajid Ali Sajid, the famous singer of Kot Faqir, has also been swept away in flood which has now entered Badin, causing people there to leave their houses and live under the open sky.

Gambit city has also become a picture of helplessness. In the recent rains and floods, the second major specialised commando training centre of Sindh has been submerged.

Boats are being rowed in the commando centre that is submerged in seven to eight feet of water. 1,350 under-training police commandos from all over the country have been sent to their native towns.

The Warah tehsil of Qambar district has also been severely affected by the flood water from canals. Several roads have been disconnected.

A massive torrent of floodwater is passing through Khairpur Nathan Shah.

There is also no boat service of the local administration to help the victims, according to 24NewsHD TV channel.

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