Ethiopia focuses on economic diplomacy, says envoy.

KARACHI -- Pakistan and Ethiopia share many aspects because of which the two countries have strong ties. Ethiopia is trying to further strengthen the relations.

This was said by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia's ambassador to Pakistan Jemal Beker Abdullah at a press briefing at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Wednesday evening.

The ambassador first talked about the importance of the media arguing whatever ideas one has, one needs the media to relay them. Before coming to the hall where the press meet was held, he was given a tour of the KPC by the president of the club, Fazil Jamili, and some members of its governing body, and the ambassador said he was impressed with the way the KPC is functioning.

Mr Abdullah began his formal speech by informing the media about his country. He said Ethiopia is the land of coffee and it is the second most populated country in Africa after Nigeria. 'We are a founding member of the UN League of Nations. We have supported all those countries that have been colonised and have been supporting all those struggling for freedom.'

Shedding light on the shared values between Pakistan and his country, Mr Abdullah said, 'We have a federal system [like Pakistan]. You have the Indus Valley Civilisation and we are also one of the oldest civilisations. Pakistan is critically located in terms of geography. Similarly, my country is very close to the Middle East, to the Mediterranean Sea, Red...

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