Estranged from husband, woman stabbed to death by brothers.

HAFIZABAD -- A young married woman was murdered by her brothers in Syedanwala village as she has left her in-laws house due to her strained relations with them.

According to police source, 32-year-old Nasreen Bibi, daughter of Sabir Ali, resident of Syedanwala village was married off in Nautheh village. She had, however, strained relations with her in-laws. Consequently she left her in-laws house and settled with her parents in Syedanwala village.

Her three brothers: Zahid Hussain, Muhammad Qasim and Jahangir Ali tried their best for reconciliation and advised her to return to her in-laws house but she leant deaf ears to their advice.

Following altercation over the issue, the accused brothers infuriated and pounced upon her with sharp-edged weapons, killing her on the spot. After...

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