Erdogan Hospital celebrates successful treatment of children with clubfoot.

MUZAFFARGARH -- A ceremony was held to celebrate the successful treatment of children with congenital clubfoot at the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital here in which the recovered children, their parents, doctors, nurses and other staff participated.

Addressing the event, head of orthopaedic department Dr. Gohar Nawaz Khan said clubfoot programme had been started in 2017, which aimed at treating children with congenital clubfeet. He said: 'Children born with crooked feet come to Indus Hospital, Muzaffargarh, and after four-year treatment the child's legs are completely healed and he walks like a normal human being.'

Dr Khan said in the first batch that started in 2017, 40 children were successfully treated and in 2022, 30 children have fully recovered and are able to walk...

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