Engro Fertilizers a trusted partner of Pakistani farmers.


Byline: Shabbir Kazmi

Nadir S. Qureshi serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Engro Fertilizers Limited. Engro Fertilizers is a diversified agricultural, manufacturing and sales company providing a range of agri-products including urea, DAP, specialty fertilizers, seeds and crop protection. The Company has a market cap of US$600 million with urea manufacturing capacity of 2.3 million tons and operates the world's largest single train ammonia urea plant. Nadir S. Qureshi is currently also a Director on the Boards of Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited, Engro Vopak Terminal Limited and Engro Energy Limited.

He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and Bachelors and Master Degrees in Nuclear Engineering from MIT.

PAGE: Can you please share as to whether Engro is doing something to improve the productivity of agriculture sector in the country?

Nadir S. Qureshi: Engro has been a trusted partner of Pakistani farmers for the last 50 years and has directly contributed towards their well-being and helping farmers grow has been an integral part of our philosophy and purpose. Statistics show that yields of major crops in Pakistan have remained below peer averages and one of the reasons is the lack of application of balanced nutrients as required by crops for optimum growth. On this front, Engro Fertilizers, being passionate about transforming the agricultural landscape of the country, has made significant investments to promote use of balanced nutrients in the country.

Being the first urea producer in Pakistan, we have continued to introduce new products and services to help Pakistani farmers to fulfill their potential. Today we are the only company providing seed to harvest solutions to our farmers. The latest introduction is Zabardast Urea, a unique blend of urea and bio-active zinc specially developed for Pakistani farmers that improves farm yields very significantly while reducing their total input costs.

We also have a range of value-added fertilizers that include Zarkhez Plus specifically designed to improve quality and yield of our crops through better nutrient use efficiency.

Lack of use of quality seeds is a key challenge to crop yields in Pakistan. To address this, Engro Fertilizers has introduced a range of quality seeds for wheat and rice crops. We are committed to bringing the latest seed production technology to Pakistani farmers in the near future.

Besides providing quality products to our farmers, we also provide services in the...

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