Encroached pavements at H-9, force pedestrians to have a risky walk on road.


ISLAMABAD -- With pavements at H-9 service road, fully encroached upon by nurseries, the pedestrians have the sole option of a risky walk on mid of road, eventually leading to congested traffic, and hampering its smooth flow.

The nurseries owners somehow encroach the footpaths to display their products including plants, seeds, flowerpots, mud and American grass, forcing the pedestrians to have a risky walk to reach their destination.

Besides obstructing smooth traffic flow, the ongoing practice is hampering the mobility of pedestrians, visiting government offices and Metro Bus Station daily.

Residents of different sectors including H-8, H9 and others, while complaining about inaction of civic agency, said a strict action should be taken against the violators, who leave them in peril.

The nurseries owners, apparently in connivance with some officials of Capital Development Authority, have been running their businesses over the pavements for the last couple of years,' said Azam Lodhi, a resident of H-9 who used Metro Bus Station to reach his office.

To a query, he alleged that the officials visited the area many times but took no action to redress the issue.

Another aged resident, Akbar Khan, employed in a private security company, said he had lodged several complaints but of no avail. Akbar said he escaped accidents several times as the expansion of nurseries pushed him off the pavement and forced to walk in the mid of road. He pointed out that a large number of students including girls and...

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