Emerging evidence hints at foul play in 'suicide' at Seaview.

KARACHI -- The suspicions of foul play in the alleged suicide of a young woman at Seaview on Friday become stronger as the conclusion drawn by medico-legal officers after the autopsy and the act of deletion of the CCTV footage of the hospital by the prime suspect point in the same direction.

The woman, 23-year-old Sara Malik, had allegedly jumped into the sea at Seaview on Friday evening. After two days of search, rescuers fished out the body on Sunday morning.

The victim worked at a veterinary hospital in Defence Housing Authority owned by the prime suspect, Shan Saleem, in the case.

Earlier, the police had said she had jumped into the sea near Farhan Shaheed Park because she had been sexually harassed, victimised and assaulted by the owner of the hospital.

'Fresh body'

Police Surgeon Summaiya Syed had told Dawn that they had reserved the cause of death after a post-mortem examination.

'All the relevant samples have been collected,' she said, adding that the cause of death would be determined once the reports were received.

The post-mortem examination conducted by senior medico-legal officer Dr Tasneem Malik showed that the 'body is fresh in appearance', according to the autopsy report seen by Dawn on Wednesday.

The alleged suicide by the young woman becomes suspicions after the conclusion of the 'fresh body' drawn by doctors contradicts the police findings.

The police claim that the body was recovered from the sea after two days on Sunday morning, which is stated to be a considerable time for decomposition of a body at sea.

A police officer told Dawn that this theory of the body's 'freshness' had generated a controversy about the cause of death of the woman.


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