Electronic products demand on the rise but weak investment deter.

Author:Ahmed, Khalil

Byline: Khalil Ahmed

There is no denying that large organizations across the world expand their horizons by making investments in the countries where they smell potential. There are a deluge of instances globally where world-fame companies establish their plants so that the products may actually be fabricated in the country where they would be sold eventually. Almost all foremost global companies have made their investment in manufacturing plants right from Europe to Asia and to Africa in order to exploit the maximum potential.

Pakistan is a land of opportunities with one of the best strategic locations in the global arena. One could have access to the Arab World, Africa, Europe etc. through Pakistan by virtue of its strategically significant location.

It should be a marvelous opportunity for the leading manufacturers of the world to establish manufacturing plants in Pakistan for manifold benefits: some of them being young educated population, low wages, hassle-free procedures etc. However, contrary to this, Pakistan has not been able to tempt the leading manufacturers. With 208 million burgeoning young population and over 60 million middle class with a robust purchasing power, Pakistan should be a dazzling opportunity.

There is a general perspective globally that steel consumption indicates the standards of living in a certain country. The higher the steel consumption, the better the living standards of the denizens of the country. There are certain countries where steel consumption may take hike provided that the inhabitants get easy access with reasonable prices to purchases the products, which provide comfort in an individual's life.

Pakistan is one of the countries which have all the potential for better living standards provided that the youth get opportunities to exploit their talent. Currently, Pakistan's steel consumption stands at around 42 kg per capita vis-a-vis 256 kg per capita globally on average. Steel consumption could be gauged through the use of electronic items.

Electronic products do pave the way to better living standards. Pakistan is net importer of electronic products whereas it should be contrary since Pakistan could attract the renowned electronic manufacturers to set up their plants and export their products from Pakistan to the regional countries having a win-win situation.

The incumbent government needs to ensure that electronic engineers of Pakistan stay in Pakistan rather than looking for opportunities...

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