Election of Shikarpur Bachayo Tehreek.


SHIKARPUR -- The election of Shikarpur Bachayo Tehreek, a body formed by notables of Shikarpur to protect the rights and raise voice for outstanding issues of people of Shikarpur, for year 2020 held at Alvi residence at Shikarpur under the supervision of Zahid Bhanbhro, Abdul Fatah Mahar, Abdul Ghaffor Dayo, the election chairman and members, respectively, here on Saturday. The members, belonging to different political, religious, city organizations including JUI-F, Qomi Awami Tehreek, PML-N, JSM (Riaz Chandio), Jamait-e-Islami, STP, National People's Party, APCA, MATA, Lakhi gate Union Association, Sports Association, Sambara Scouts, Bhittai Bazaar, Professor, Oath Commissioner, Pera Medical Associations, and members of civil society, used their right of vote through secret ballet paper and such process was continued at least three hours and members elected their favorite representative.

According to announcement, Abdul Wahab Kagzi, Mian Zafar Ali Alvi, Zahid Bhanbhro, Afzal Hussain Mughal, Advocate Zahid Pahore...

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