Elahi's plea against Mazari's ruling: SC directs Hamza Shahbaz to work as 'trustee' CM till Monday.

LAHORE -- The Supreme Court of Pakistan Saturday directed Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz to work as a trustee CM till Monday (July 25) during a hearing on PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi's petition against Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari's ruling in the provincial CM's election.

The apex court further directed Hamza to work in accordance with the law and the Constitution until then, adding that he was not allowed to use his power as chief minister in any way that would benefit him personally.

The court, in its verbal order, has said that the chief minister's powers will be limited.

"All the appointments will be merit-based and those made without merit will be nullified," it was added.

The Supreme Court said that the chief minister will not do anything for political gain and that the court will keep a check on him.

Arguments presented by deputy speaker's advocate

During the hearing, which was held via video link, the court asked Advocate General Punjab Shahzad Shaukat on what basis was he defending the ruling of the deputy speaker - who rejected 10 votes of PML-Q citing Article 63(A). The advocate general Punjab said that the case is being defended on the basis of the decision announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Advocate Irfan Qadir - who is representing the deputy speaker - said that the Supreme Court in its decision taken on PTI's petition regarding vote of defiant members had ruled that vote of dissident members would not be counted.

However, Chief Justice Bandial said: 'We would not reconsider the verdict announced on May 17 as it has not been challenged here yet.'

He said that the deputy speaker citing SC's verdict did not reject PML-Q's 10 votes therefore the defending advocate should only highlight the part where this has been written.

Addressing advocate Qadir he said that you are a senior lawyer and should know where the deputy speaker took reference for his ruling; the advocate, however, tried to defend the loopholes by saying that he was only appointed two hours before the hearing.

Adding to the argument, Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan asked advocate Qadir to read the para which was cited by the deputy speaker.

'According to Article 3(1)A, votes of dissident members would not be counted, this was the court's investigation,' he read. To this Justice Ahsan said that this was the court's verdict and not an investigation.

Advocate Qadir said that the deputy speaker considered it correct not to count PML-Q's votes in the...

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