Eight 'groups' involved in narcotics, robberies and violence, claim police.

Byline: Mohammad Asghar

RAWALPINDI -- The police have identified eight 'illegal groups' suspected of criminal activity in the city involving narcotics, robbery, violent attacks, murders, shootings, forgery and more.

The groups include the Boxer Group, the Tiger Student Federation, the 333 Group, the 222 Group, the Wali Group, KSF Group, 313 Mila Tiger Group and 786 Haq Such Group. They have a combined 175 members in various parts of the city.

The police, with the help of intelligence, have gathered information on the names, mobile phone numbers and whereabouts of group members, as well as details of where they have been operating and their activities.

The police have indicated that the Boxer Group has 85 members, the TSF Group 17 members, the 333 Group has 24 members, the Wali Group six members, the KSF Group has four members, the 313 Tiger Group has 20 and 786 Haq Such Group has 12 members.

The groups are also operating Facebook accounts.

'I was tasked by senior officers to collect data and other details of such groups, if they are operating in my jurisdiction, but I could not find any such activity in the limits of my police station,' the Civil Lines station house officer Mian Imran told Dawn.

One of the groups has been operating in the limits of the Airport police, and others in Sadiqabad, Pirwadhai, Rawat and Ghori Town.

A senior police officer posted in Rawalpindi said he had directed the police to collect all the data and particulars of such groups, as he has decided to go after them.

'Yes, I have done a lot of work on such illegal groups, such as how many groups under which names and how many members were operating in the city, and what kinds of crimes they were committing.'

He added that a complete report on groups operating in the city for the last year had been prepared with the help of intelligence and arrests have begun.

The report has also been shared with the provincial police chief and law minister by the regional...

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