Eggs, white meat provide for 50pc of low-cost protein needs.


LAHORE -- White meat and eggs fulfil 50 per cent of low-cost protein needs of Pakistanis while only 90 eggs per annum per head are consumed in the country, though people need more eggs to overcome deficiency of proteins in human body.

An egg provides comparatively low-cost protein and complete food by its ingredients and curbs stunting growth besides malnutrition in children.

This was stated by Vice Chancellor of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha in an exclusive talk with reporter regrading nutrition deficiency here.

He said that proper consumption of eggs and white meat helped in protecting human body from many diseases including cholesterol, eye problems, allergy, shortage of minerals in body and it gives boost to brain growth.

He rejected the myth that 'desi' egg was more nutrient and said that an egg of big size has more protein compared with a small egg.

He said that every egg has nutrient value and source of protein. The VC mentioned that in European countries, the average consumption of eggs was 300 plus per head per annum, which was good for healthy lifestyle.

He said that poultry sector had 40 per cent share in the livestock GDP...

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