Effective policing has brought down crime rate, claim capital police.


ISLAMABAD -- The crime rate declined in Islamabad in 2019 due to effective policing measures, hard work of the personnel of the force and unique initiatives for improvement in performance.

This was stated by the police in a press release issued on Tuesday. It said the police succeeded in bringing down the crime rate during the tenure of the incumbent Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan. Owing to police efforts, Islamabad has been declared as the 85th safest city among 328 cities of the world as per the World Crime Index.

Its position, as per the crime index, has been declared better than Amsterdam, Boston, Toronto and Oslo while United Nations also declared Islamabad as a family station for its staff after 12 years.

According to the data, the crime rate in Islamabad declined as compared to 2018 while an effective crackdown was launched against drug pushers and bootleggers following directions of the IGP.

The police said murder cases declined by up to 13 per cent compared to 2018 while cases of kidnapping for ransom, dacoity, snatching items and burglary decreased by up to 50pc, 31pc, 13pc and 26pc, respectively.

As many as 19 blind murder cases were traced and 37 accused involved in these cases apprehended.Meanwhile, 100 kidnapping cases of children were resolved and the victims were reunited with their families. A special campaign was launched in educational institutions to create awareness among the youth against drug while more recovery of narcotics was made in 2019 compared to the previous year by registering 286 additional cases.

The police chief visited seven educational institutions, including...

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