Effective counselling helps saving of a trapped pangolin from being killed by youngsters.

PESHAWAR -- Effective counselling by a wildlife conservationist helped in saving of a trapped pangolin from being killed by a group of youngsters in Sherpao village at Tangi Tehsil of Charsadda district.

Few youngsters in Jandi area of Charsadda District found a pangolin being chased by some dogs in a grave yard.

They caught and tied the rare animal with ropes and brought it to home with the objective of killing it because of the misconception that it make holes in graves and eat the flesh of dead.

Another young villager who got awareness about importance of conserving wild species due to his interaction with Fahad Malik, an ardent lover for animals and a passionate conservationist, approached the pangolin trappers and requested them to release the animal in its habitat.

Over realizing reluctance of the trappers in releasing of animal, the rescuer called Fahad Malik for a conversation with youngsters for removing the misconception about animal.

Fahad Malik, whose awareness messages on social media has helped saving hundreds of wild species from being poached or killed from the platform of Mission Awareness Foundation (MAF), talked with Awais Khan son of Kahista Rehman and made passionate appeal for releasing of animal besides apprising him about the ecological importance of pangolin and its role in...

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