Education system of Pakistan.

As we all know, education is a basic right of every human being, and the education system of any country is a crucial factor in building future generations. However, the education system in our country is facing multiple problems in present times.

Firstly, poverty is a significant reason for the poor literacy rate in our country. Thousands of students are unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford to pay the high fees charged by educational institutions. Moreover, the private education system has made it too difficult for the lower: middle class to receive higher education. The privatization of education has led to the devaluation of the government schooling system, which is not providing the same quality of education as private institutions. Consequently, many students cannot afford the higher fees of private institutions, and government institutions are suffering as a result.

Gender discrimination is also a major cause of the lower literacy rate in Pakistan. The number of educational institutions available to females is very...

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