ECP begins process to confiscate 'prohibited' funds of PTI.

ISLAMABAD -- The EleAcAtion Commission of PakAistan (ECP) in its detailed judgement released on FriAday explained reasons for rejecting the Pakistan TehreAek-i-Insaf's (PTI) application for cross-examination of witnesses, incluAding bank officials concerned, declaring that the process for confiscation of prohibited funds received by the party has started.

The ECP in its order stated that entertaining the application for cross-examination at this stage would mean reopening the entire matter that had been decided in August last year. Current proceedings to execute the last year findings were about confiscation of the prohibited contributions or donations received by the party, it elaborated.

'The prayer for reopening or re-examination of the matter at this stage cannot be considered, as the proceedings in terms of Rule 6 of the Political Parties Rules (PPR) 2002 is execution of findings recorAded in terms of section 6 of the Political Parties Order, 2002 by the commission,' the detailed order stated.

The order further mentioned that the instant proceedings in terms of Rule 6 of PPR only dealt with the confiscation of contributions or donations, which were declared 'prohibited' by the ECP. 'There are only two requirements of Rule 6, firstly; the party shall be put on notice and, secondly, opportunity of being heard shall be granAted to the party and in the instant case, both requirements of the law, have been met,' the order says.

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In its unanimous verdict, the ECP ruled on Aug 2, 2022 that the PTI had received 'prohibited' funding or contribution.

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