Economic Effects- Getting Visible.

  1. A common man/ woman may not understand consistent devaluation of Rupee or depreciation of assets or KSE-100 Index drops or increasing Debts and compound mark-ups, circular debt; but certainly feels the heat of price hike, consequent unemployment, job security and pressure of utility bills. Political instability or any affiliation aside, deteriorating economic situation and its ramifications are sore issues, the govt as well as related institutions have to address urgently.

  2. Pakistan is among few countries which excelled under global pandemic lasting over two years but couldn't cash it in post pandemic stage. Economies of even the most advanced countries suffered negatively and are under pressure even now. After USA, the Europe is suffering heavily due economic meltdown. UK is facing hard times along with France. Now the German economy is also in recession. Its GDP has fallen down by 0.3% in the first quarter of the year. As per German Finance Minister Herr Christian Lindner, German GDP data has shown 'surprisingly negative signals '.

  3. Though one of the major cause in Europe has been prolonged Ukrainian war, due their dependency on import of fuel from Russia, yet other factors also contribute to dismal economic conditions. Not only the major industrial units have suffered, but the small industry and related services have also suffered, causing dismal conditions for common people.

  4. As US Vice President, Ms Kamala Harris says,' Small business leaders are the engine of our economy. And when we invest in their potential, we invest in America ', same holds good for our country. With IMF program uncertain, we are facing a lot of difficulties, which would be compounded due lesser revenue collection, higher energy prices, coming budget and fear of flagging once again by the credit agencies.

  5. It has been a blessing from Almighty that Pakistan had an exceedingly good wheat crop this season, despite heavy floods of last year. Crops hold a 7.7% weight in GDP. Cotton, however, suffered which declined by 34% year-on-year (YoY) in the first 10 months of FY 2023, as reported by Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association. An estimated 70% of population of our our country is linked to agriculture sector, any negative trend hurts us the most.

  6. Commodities are the basic goods that make up everyday life. They can include metals such as copper, gold and silver; energy sources such as crude oil and natural gas; agricultural commodities such as wheat and coffee...

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