Economic Crisis Poses Challenges to Pakistan's Industry: Tahir Javaid.

LAHORE -- Malik Tahir Javaid, President of the Employers' Federation of Pakistan (EFP), discussed the significant challenges faced by Pakistan's industry due to the ongoing economic crisis. These challenges are affecting the industry's survival and sustainability. High energy costs, raw material shortages, inflation, and currency depreciation are driving up the cost of doing business, leading to business closures and layoffs in several sectors.

During the "Bilateral Dialogue on Economic Crises and its Impact on Industry," organized jointly by the EFP and Workers Employers Bilateral Council of Pakistan with the support of the International Labour Organization (ILO), these concerns were addressed.

Syed Nazar Ali, Secretary General of EFP, noted the current difficulties faced by Pakistan's economy, including a current account deficit, high inflation, low productivity, and a low GDP. The bilateral dialogue aimed to bring workers and employers together to discuss these challenges, understand their impact on both industry and workers, and prioritize issues that could be addressed through cooperation.

Chaudhry Saad, Secretary General of WEBCOP Punjab, highlighted the substantial...

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