Dubai's tourism growth boosting holiday homes.


The continued growth of Dubai's tourism industry has encouraged investors and homeowners to capitalise on the abundance of opportunities in the holiday homes market, leading to an exponential growth in short-term rental units in the emirate and adding to the broad range of accommodation options that are available for tourists.

Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) has established clear legislations and regulations to ensure a comprehensive classification and verification process when issuing permits for holiday homes.

Dubai Tourism also continues to conduct regular inspections of units to ensure they meet the approved quality standards. Furthermore, an updated executive resolution and holiday homes guide featuring the various processes, requirements and classification criteria will be unveiled shortly.

Recognising the growing demand for the short-term rental concept, the holiday homes sector has seen a massive 40 percent year-on-year increase since 2015, the year when the issuing of permits to operate holiday homes commenced and the number of rented housing units increased from 1,531 units hosting 11,783 guests in 2015 to 6,049 units hosting a staggering 168,502 guests in 2019.

The visitor segment that benefits most from holiday homes are families, as they are able to create a holiday that is tailored to their...

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