Dramatic manhunt for Sikh 'outlaw' continues in India's Punjab.

SIX days after a state-wide manhunt was launched for his arrest in the Indian state of Punjab, controversial Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh continued to evade the authorities, Indian media reported on Friday.

The search has been expanded to the states bordering Punjab after Mr Singh's last location was traced to the Kurukshetra district of Haryana state, south of Punjab, according to Indian news channel NDTV. According to officials, Mr Singh was in Kurukshetra a day after fleeing the police in Punjab last Saturday. A woman who sheltered him and his associate Papalpreet Singh at her home on Sunday has been arrested, NDTV reported.

Mr Singh has been on a dramatic run since he tricked the chasing police party in Punjab's Jalandhar district on Saturday. Within 12 hours of the escape, he changed five vehicles.

On Saturday, Mr Singh was seen inside a Mercedes SUV before he changed the vehicle and his attire. After covering some distance, he deserted the vehicle and got on a motorcycle with Mr...

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