Dr Firdous asks opposition leaders to avoid politics on health of Nawaz Sharif.


ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Thursday asked the opposition leaders to refrain from making political mileage, out of the health condition of Nawaz Sharif. Speaking at a press conference, she said Maryam Nawaz had requested for a meeting with Nawaz Sharif which was duly fulfilled. She said that Maryam Nawaz was again sent to the jail as per jail manual as doctors declared that her reports of blood pressure, ECG and vital organs were normal. She said the application about release of Nawaz Sharif on health grounds would be decided by the court. The government had implemented the court decisions in the past and would continue to do so, she added.

Dr Firdous said the first gesture of Prime Minister Imran Khan was that Nawaz Sharif should be provided best healthcare from the hospital of his choice and his family should be taken on board about medical treatment. She expressed her best wishes for the early recovery of Nawaz Sharif. She said every Pakistani was equal before law and should be judged on the basis of his character and not power. Every patient in a hospital should be treated in a similar manner, she added. In the past, individuals were more powerful than institutions but the Prime Minister from the day one was making efforts to empower institutions. She said the government would act in accordance with law and would implement the court decisions.

The government would facilitate the Sharif family and the court had to decide whether treatment of Nawaz Sharif was possible or not, in Pakistan, she added. To a question, she repeated her stance that Loprin was used to make the blood thin and it affected the platelet count as it suppressed function of the bone marrow. She said the platelet count of Nawaz Sharif was around 20000.

She said Prime Minister Imran Khan had a strong connection with poor, needy and deserving people and his measures and policies were meant to provide them relief. Pakistan Baitul Mal was an important institution to protect the poor through measures of social sector, she noted. She said the government had merged Pakistan Baitul...

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