Doctors, representatives of NGOS underscores need of health education in schooling system.


HYDERABAD -- The doctors and representatives of non-governmental organizations have underscored the need of making the health education an essential part of schooling system to produce a healthy new generation.

Javed Hussain, head of Sindh Community Foundation, while speaking at the one-day health camp at Government Girls High School Tando Muhammad Khan city pointed out that the health education was missing from the school syllabus.

"There is a need to incorporate it as a part of formal curricula at primary as well secondary school levels," Hussain suggested.

He particularly emphasized on the need of the health education in the rural areas among the female students.

Dr Poonam Rai said the adolescent girls needed information and preventive measures to deal with issues with their health when they step in the puberty age.

"Such issues are very silently dealt with misinformation," she bewailed.


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