Dizzling shower with cold winds increase demand of 'Winter delights'.


ISLAMABAD -- The sudden drop in temperature with dizzling showers on Wednesday, demands and sale of winter delights increased across the country including federal capital where people were seen buying 'pakoras', samosas, jalebee, chicken-corn soup, Kashmiri tea, fried fish, 'gajar ka halwa.

The recent rain spell has increased the sale of crispy food items and citizens have started enjoying the traditional local foods like 'pakoras', 'samosas', chicken-corn soup, 'doodh jalebee', 'gajar ka halwa', Kashmiri tea, fried fish, coffee at every corner to enjoy the changing weather.

According to shopkeepers, "winter is best season for their sale because due to the drop in mercury, our sales rises manifold".

Zubair A shopkeeper said ,Pakoras, Samosas, Corn soup and other winter special food items were selling like hot cakes due to the rainy weather.

"We were waiting for winter showers and we thank Almighty Allah for His blessings", he added.

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