Dispute over jurisdiction gives gunmen a free hand.


FAISALABAD -- A bridge falling between the jurisdictions of Chak Jhumrah and Nishatabad police is being ruled by gunmen.

A man was gunned by robbers in October last and again late on Monday, another man was shot dead and another injured, reportedly by gunmen.

A gang of gunmen has been striking motorists and pedestrians near the bridge at night. Those hit by the gang say before the arrival of the police, criminals flee.

In October, Ali, of nearby Chak 2-JB, was killed by the gunmen for resisting them.

His family has desperately been awaiting the arrest of the killers.

The Punjab Highway Patrol police remains on patrol on the road, however, villagers said they have never seen any patrolling activity on the bypass from Sargodha Road to Chak Jhumrah. Villagers said effective patrolling and street lights in the area could make the difference.

Ahtsham, of Chak 4 in Ramdewali, said he was on way to home at night a couple of weeks ago when he was alerted by two people at the entry point of bypass leading towards Chak Jhumra about the gang. They tried to contact the police and also raised an alarm that robbers were looting people by raising a picket. He said one of them sustained a bullet injury but succeeded to escape as he accelerated his vehicle.

He said robbers also beat...

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