Dispossessed in Karachi.

THE PPP continues to trot out the 'roti, kapra aur makaan' slogan whenever it wants to project a 'people-friendly' image. However, the party that rules Sindh is shamefully dragging its feet on providing shelter to the Karachi residents displaced by the Supreme Court-ordered demolition of their homes last year in order to revamp the Orangi nullah. Despite the passage of one year, the provincial government has not even determined a site for the people's rehabilitation. Two local organisations held a joint protest on Friday outside the Karachi Press Club to draw attention to the authorities' apathy. The SC gave the government two years to resettle those affected by the demolition exercise but considering that nothing has been done on that front, one may be sure that scores of families will continue to exist in limbo. Their lifeline for now is the rent payments the Sindh government is making to them, but the process has been inconsistent.

It is mind-boggling how those entitled to well-appointed government residences cannot spare a thought for those dispossessed of their homes, despite having...

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