Dishonest leaders block progress: Khattak.

HARIPUR -- Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf provincial president Pervez Khattak on Friday said that only honest leadership could steer the country out of socioeconomic and governance crises.

'A country cannot progress until dishonest leaders are there,' the PTI leader told party workers in Abbottabad's main bazaar as part of preparations for the ongoing 'Haqeeqi Azadi March'.

Mr Khattak said the nation stood with PTI chief Imran Khan and would show the world that the former prime minister fought for their rights, including 'real' freedom.

He said the final round of the PTI's march on Islamabad would begin shortly.

The PTI leader said Mr Imran's struggle was meant to turn the country into a true welfare state and the entire nation supported that cause.

He said the country was on the way of economic development and was gaining the 'lost' glory in the world during the Prime Minister Imran Khan's government, but its ouster and the formation of the Pakistan Democratic Movement's government in the centre blocked the process.

'The current rulers are opposed to transparency and honesty in matters of governance, so they've derailed the process of national progress through a conspiracy,' he said.

Mr Khattak said the PTI would form the next federal government after sweeping general elections.

He said political rivals had always accused Mr Imran of being a political novice and without knowhow about governance, but the PTI chairman proved...

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