Dip in mercury cools sunny Thursday in Karachi.


KARACHI -- Mostly sunny the chill in air and mercury dropping to 10 degree centigrade in early morning hours, surging to 21 degrees centigrade by mid day and getting as low as 12 degrees by evening, turned Thursday cold for the Karachiites.

It was no surprise to see people in sweaters, coats and jackets basking in sun - wrapping themselves with shawls and mufflers to brave the cold wave during day hours and rushing back to indoors by dusk.

"It is definitely cold by all standards and particularly in context of Karachi with a reputation of mild weather conditions," said Syed Hamid Raza visiting the metropolis from Peshawar.

Appreciative of the fact that the people of Karachi, although not used to cold, had not suspended their routine activities, he added.

The Sindh metropolis, where humidity...

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