Digital record of Afghans War 1979 programs of Radio Pakistan damaged in May 10 attack.

PESHAWAR -- Besides ransacking and putting on fire Radio Pakistan's historic building, the violent mob also damaged the digital record of its popular programs of the Afghan War 1979 after damaging its computers and electronic equipment.

Program Manager of Radio Pakistan Habib un Nabi told reporter on Thursday that the digital record of famous programs including Hujra and Hindara, which played a key role in nullifying the propaganda of the anti-state elements during the Afghans War in 1979 were burnt to ashes by the miscreants on May 10.

Through Hujra and Hindara programs, he said that Radio Pakistan had spread awareness among the masses after USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and effectively countered the nefarious propaganda of the anti-state elements.

He said, "The renowned broadcasters, Abdullah Jan Maghmoom and Shehzad Johar whom acted in 'Paynda Khan and Towakal Khan' roles in live shows, have highlighted different aspects of the Afghan war and its negative impact.

Initially, the Hujra program was based on social issues. However, when the negative propaganda of the enemy forces against Pakistan increased, it was Radio Pakistan that came forward to help the nation which not only countered the opponents' malicious propaganda but also highlighted the true picture of the Afghans War and its adverse consequences on regional peace and stability.

"Started in 1980, the Hunjra program has also highlighted the difficulties of millions of Afghan refugees after their migration to Pakistan."

Radio Pakistan was the only credible source of information listened to by millions during that time of uncertainty in different languages including English, Urdu, and Pashto among others, he added.

People waited for its bulletins, current affairs, and dramas for hours due to its credibility and infotainment," said Misal Khan, a retired Information Officer while talking to reporter.

"During the Afghan war, malicious propaganda was made from Radio Kabul and All India Radio against Pakistan. It was Radio Pakistan that has countered the negative propaganda by promoting unity and national cohesion," he recalled.

He said millions of people listened to Radio famous Hindara program in the 1980s due to its excellent scripts, content, objectivity, and dialogue delivery during the Afghans War.

The hosting of Inayatulllah Gul and Taj Nabi was very impressive that kept listeners intact till the conclusion of Hindara,' he said.

Habib-un-Nabi said that the Hindhara program...

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