Digital, precision technology only way to meet agriculture needs.

LAHORE -- Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi, the provincial minister for agriculture, says Pakistan has numerous challenges related to climate change, hence it is crucial to spread awareness of modern agricultural technologies.

He stated at a ceremony held nearby Lahore for the display of the technology that implementing an integrated approach to popularise digital and precision agriculture in Pakistan is necessary.

Pakistan may achieve self-sufficiency in agricultural output as well as the aspiration of exporting agricultural goods by encouraging contemporary agricultural technologies and digital agriculture.

According to him, the transfer of precision technology will aid in boosting domestic production and lowering farmers' production costs. For small farmers, the Punjabi government is attempting to transmit technologies.

In order to promote digital and precision agriculture at the national level and give farmers access to real-time information, the Pir Meher Ali Shah Barani Agricultural University developed a precision agriculture centre.

He argued that it is a source of great pleasure for farmers today that this technology has come to them, and he added that by supporting modern agricultural technology and digital agriculture, Pakistan can not only become self-sufficient in agricultural production but also realise its goal of increasing exports of agricultural goods.

He commended the Pir Mehr Ali Shah University's vice chancellor for setting up the centre...

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