Digital ads truck goes around Washington flashing key message, 'Say no to G20 meeting in occupied Kashmir'.

WASHINGTON -- Flashing 'Say no G-20 meeting in occupied Kashmir", a digital advertising truck drove around key locations in Washington Monday that included the embassies of countries who are members of that group of nations.

Rented by the World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF), a Washington-based advocacy organization, the truck also beamed messages that included a call on G-20 members to persuade India to abide by her pledge to allow the people of Kashmir their right to self-determination.

Other messages on the electronic screens were: "G20 risks legitimizing India's illegal occupation of Kashmir"; "Decolonize Kashmir"; "G20 in Kashmir violates UN resolutions"; "G20 in occupied Kashmir enables genocide"; "Kashmir for Kashmiris"; "Kashmir at the brink of Genocide (Genocide Watch)" and "Stop Hindutav Fascism."

A G-20 meeting of the working group on tourism is set to be held in Srinagar on 22-24 May.

Besides targeting the embassies of G-20 countries, including India, the digital truck positioned itself in front of the State Department before moving to Capitol Hill; the Library of Congress; the Washington Monument; the White House; various Museums; the Lincoln Memorial; the Washington National Cathedral; the World Bank and IMF.

In a statement, Dr Ghulam N. Mir, Chairman of the Kashmir Diaspora Coalition and President of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum' said that since its occupation of Kashmir 76 years ago, India had attempted to wish away the Kashmir conflict by various aggressive means, but only failed.

India has tried to cover the evidence of thousands of mass graves and gang rapes committed by Indian military and paramilitary forces in Kashmir, he said. Now India will be entertaining its rich invitees on the grounds of a nations which is not it's part.

"We appeal to the G20 countries, as also Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show respect to the dead and the living of Kashmir whose country is being colonized by India and avoid dignifying the host...

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